Neil Young on a cold winters day in England

Woke up in a small farm in Sussex, England to a snowy cold day. We our finishing our first feature documentary now in a cottage beside one of the oldest Roman roads known to man. They haven't really figured out heating in these parts yet. It has been 3 years now since i started working on this film and there have been many up's and downs for real. Could not have made it this far without the help and support of my friends and family and that is for sure. The horizon is close at hand! The finish line. The grand fiesta. The fat lady singing? Either way it is cold as hell inside and out but i am filled with a sense of warmth as we work while simultaneously blasting Neil Young From Hank to Hendrix

Also we are releasing 15 second clips from the film exclusively on Instagram. Join us on Instagram to see all!

Me trying to keep warm in an English cottage mid winter.

Me trying to keep warm in an English cottage mid winter.

Indian Powder day!

This is how we spent our weekend. Getting covered in Indian powders (or Holi powders). Watch the video to see behind the scenes. Thanks again to Colin Waugh for shooting this little vid and Bryce Zimmerman our Cinematographer.

Behind the Scenes of our in-camera effects

We thought it would be great to add in some classic India Holi powder into the film. This is us taking our idea and turning it into a reality. Can't wait to show you all the finished product! 

Bryce Zimmerman was our slow-motion Director of Photography and Collin Waugh was helping me with the effects. It got pretty messy but it's totally going to be worth it!

7 days of amazing weather

We had 7 days of un-heard-of-amazing weather in the south of England. It was truly spectacular and we all feel very lucky.

Watch a short behind the scenes video below to see some of the action.

Check out the shoot!

Check out the shoot!

Hey people of the world. After 6 months of "run and gun" shooting in India, one year of producing, 1 month of crowd-fund campaigning, and 4 days of final shooting we are now ready to officially begin our edit. two months from now we will have a feature documentary that we are very excited to put into the world!

Here are some pics taken by Benedict Grey from the shoot

Also want to thank everyone who supported this section of the production.

You know who you are!

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